Publish content, reply to comments and Direct messages on Instagram

Easily manage multiple Instagram accounts - all in one place

You need this service if you are

SMM manager

Manage Instagram accounts of your clients with just one easy tool. One login - many profiles. This is a missing part of Instagram.


Reply to requests. Engage in conversations. Don’t lose important comments any more.

Public profiles

Make content-plan for your account days (or months) ahead. Don’t ever lose publish-time. Every post will be published right in time automatically.

Make your Instagram
workflow easy


“Comments” module

  • Our service automatically get fresh comments from all connected accounts and show them in one list.
  • Reply from any device - only thing you need is your browser. No apps.
  • Pin important comments on top for later review.
  • Mark spam messages (you will never get this messages again).
  • Delete non-relevant messages.
  • Filter by account or use instant keyword search.

“Inbox” module

  • Get Instagram Direct messages from all your accounts and show them in one list.
  • All the same functions like in comments module.

“Posting” module

  • Easily publish to multiple accounts from one page.
  • Easy scheduling - just make a post, set publish date and time and forget about it - all posts will be published automatically.
  • We don’t use your computer or your smartphone - no apps needed.

Coming soon


Get basic stats for your account as a free bonus


Get new comments and Direct messages to Telegram


Invite people to your account easily and automatically

Sell Through Comments

Convert your Instagram account into online shop


Keep sensetive data safe. We will backup all your posts and followers list.

We are pretty sure can make your Instagram workflow better. Do you want to know how much better?


Price: 2-10 USD per 1 profile per month.

Free trial: 14 days

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